Burch's Beast

Buck Creek Lures Money Maker


Buck Creek Lures out of Kingston, TN. There Mission to provide the best custom Hand Crafted Balsa Flat Sided Crankbait on the Market. And they've done just that! Once you get these baits in your hand you will understand why. A perfect mix of design, color, balance, and action is used to create a Balsa Wood Flat-side Crankbait that bass simply cannot resist. Each balsa blank is planed to the exact same dimensions prior to cutting out the lures. Each lure is then implanted with a precision weight to allow buoyancy yet allow the bait to still dive. All eyes are dotted by hand. The lures are sealed prior to painting and dipped several times in the best professional lure coating available on the market. Once the Bronze #6 Mustad hooks are placed on the lure, Owner Tim Earick tunes and test each lure straight from his dock on the TN River. Tim is a perfectionist and it shows in his baits. People have won tournaments off his reject bucket. Do yourself a favor and don't hesitate to order these baits TODAY!

We have 4 models. 3 in the Dinky Donker Series and 1 in the MoneyMaker.  Please contact us for custom colors.

DDMD 5'-8'
DDSR 3'-5'
DDSB 3'-5'
MMSR 3-5'

All DDs have following specs.
Body 2.5" Long
Width .375
Weight .28 oz without hooks/split rings

MMSR has following specs
Body 2" Long 
Width .50
Weight .23 oz without hooks/split rings