Grande Fishing Lures 4.75'' Rattlesnake


GrandeBass RattleSnakes’ Simply Catch More Bass.... RattleSnakes’ are extremely versatile and can literally be fished in any condition and rigged for almost any application.  Fish the RattleSnake on the deadly end of a Carolina rig, weightless, weighted hook, Texas-rig, shaky head, drop shot.  And don’t forget the wacky rig. The Baby & Regular Rattlesnakes’ add a life-like, tight swimming action trailer to the back of your favorite spinner bait, chatter bait or swim jig. The Rattlesnakes’ ringed body creates a larger profile, extreme action and holds air and releases tiny bubbles like a living creature.  Loaded with proprietary Mega3 scent that combines the most powerful bass attractants to make bass hold on longer and mask human scent.  With several recorded donated bass to the Texas Toyota Sharelunker Program of 13 lb plus, its a big bass bait.  Available in several productive and ever-growing color combinations. GrandeBass Rattlesnakes’ Simply Catch More!   10 Pack.