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Price Match Guarantee

Price Match Guarantee

If you find a lower price, on any product we stock, we would like the opportunity to match it. Our success depends on you, our customers, and we know that price is a critical concern. We want to eliminate this concern by assuring you that by choosing Burch's Tackle Shop you're getting the best prices we can offer. We routinely look at our competitors to assure that our prices can't be beat. As should be expected, there are some common-sense boundaries that apply. We must be able to verify the lower price through a valid online website (any Ebay auctions, Amazon, craigslist etc. are examples of sites that we do not price match).

Lower prices that cannot be confirmed will not be honored. Simply let us know which online site where you found the better price; once price and source are confirmed, and the parameters maintained, Burch's Tackle Shop will match it! A price match can only be applied for an item with the same specifications as the item on the competitor's site. In addition, if the competitor assesses a shipping cost with the price of the item we will match the total price of the item and shipping. We reserve the right to confirm lower prices before any final Burch's Tackle Shop sale. The source of a lower price must come from an authorized dealer within the United States of the product in question (i.e., authorized Zoom, Strike King, etc. dealer). If the price does not come from an authorized online source, current Burch's Tackle Shop prices stand.

Our Prices

At Burch's Tackle Shop, we make every effort to provide you with the lowest prices, while maintaining our manufacturer's minimum retail pricing. All prices and descriptions listed are subject to change without notice. Any product may be removed from current sale at any time. We strive to provide the most accurate information to our customers. Typographic or photographic errors are subject to correction.

Burch's Tackle Shop reserves the right to refuse fulfillment of a product transaction in respect to any product or quantity of products, based solely on its own discretion and in accordance with any and all US laws. This right shall exist at all times, even after an order confirmation has been placed. This restriction is subject to change without prior notice under the sole discretion of Burch's Tackle Shop.